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The challenges facing HR in the public sector

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What are the challenges HR faces in the public sector? Mohammed Khushail, CHRO at VIVA Bahrain explains the issues.

One of the main challenges facing the region is the creation of a skilled national workforce. This needs to be done by reforming our education system. Technical and nontechnical institutions have to be introduced with the highest standards of education and this is where the private and public sector can partner to create a healthy ecosystem.

The region is also struggling with economic instability which impacts the psychology of the workforce. Members of the public sector workforce have job security but weak performance modelling capabilities, the private sector has economy of scale to run talent retention plans and retain top talent, but ends up exhausting all options to hold onto talent because talent is open and accessible to anyone.

One of the challenges that such events have to address is how to create corporate citizenship within both sectors of human capital. Good corporate citizens create a healthy nation.

The role of HR is changing in government, but a strong synergy and partnership is required to bridge the gap. The public sector must ensure that private sector reforms are absorbed and the private sector has to ensure it supports the public sector, through economic investments and programmes, so that the disparity between the two is reduced and talent can be shared. This will reduce the burden on acquisition of talent from outside and improve national workforce quality.

Our business tag line is “We connect people”. As a private entity, we are anxious to stay connected to our staff, our citizens, our partners and contractors. We ensure we have a strong partnership management model that touches everyone’s life and when in need or crisis we are supported by all. This is only possible if we create a sense of pride among our people.

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